Who is behind this website was created by a group of citizen-journalists who are from different backgrounds and political beliefs who have come together to ensure that the greatest country in the history of the world has the fairest and freest elections in the world as well. This is definitely not a partisan issue, voter fraud has been committed by both major parties for years and the common thread seems to be that the entrenched political elite will do anything whether legal or not to keep their current stranglehold on the power of the government.

What is your purpose in creating this website?

We are here to give a voice to the average American who plays by the rules and wants everyone’s vote to count equally. Both major political parties need to abide by the rule of law. They need to argue their positions and then put their beliefs up to an honest vote of the populace. Voters need to be eligible to vote and only American Citizens, otherwise our democracy is imperiled by tyrants who will cheat and steal to be elected and keep their elected positions at all costs. That is not Democracy, that is tyranny and that is why was created.

What is this undercover exclusive video on your site all about?

This is a video given to one of our founding members by a former Clinton Campaign operative in the 2016 Hillary Clinton for President campaign. It details the devious plot by the Hillary campaign to steal the Democratic Nomination from Bernie Sanders and the the Presidency from Donald Trump with the help of millions of illegal aliens who were registered and voted for Hillary in the primary and the general election. When you watch the video, which was shot undercover by a now disgruntled Clinton staffer who was promised a huge some of money for this illegal act of registering and then getting illegal aliens to vote for Hillary, you will hear names that we have confirmed did indeed work for the Clinton campaign in the very top positions of her Presidential campaign.

Why is some of the Video blurry and why is the voice off-camera digitally changed?

The source of our video, has had his voice changed digitally on the video to ensure his anonymity. This is serious business. He has taped individuals involved in a serious criminal scheme to steal the presidential election for Hillary with illegal alien voters and he is rightfully concerned that he may be put in jail is his name or identity is revealed. Just a few months ago a woman in Texas who was an illegal alien was sentenced to 8 years in jail for voting illegally. Therefore as journalists, under the California Shield Law we have agreed to keep his indentity a secret to protect his safety. If we don’t protect him, how do we expect others to ever come forward to detail exactly how widespread this practice of voter fraud was in the Clinton campaign.

How did you verify the information in the video which alleges that top operatives in the Hillary Clinton Campaign were involved in this criminal scheme to steal the election?

We did months of extensive research to verify the claims in the video and we can now say with full confidence that the information in the video is completely accurate. We discovered from doing our research, even though it was never widely reported during the campaign, Hillary Clinton’s top campaign staffers who were Mexican – Americans did indeed raise millions of dollars for her campaign with a series of fundraisers that were held in Mexico. These fund raisers were hosted by the men named in the video as the top masterminds of the criminal voter fraud scheme, Hillary Clinton for President campaign treasurer Jose Villareal and a long time friend of hers and Bill Clilnton’s named Ivan Zapien who currently is a Wal Mart executive, a company that Hillary Clinton at one time served as a Board Member of.

Who else was involved in the Hillary Clinton campaign to get millions of Illegal Aliens to vote for Hillary?

Other top Clinton officials involved in the scheme according to our undercover source were Amanda Renteria from the national Clinton Campaign and Emmy Ruiz and Jorge Nerri from the Clinton state of Nevada Campaign. They are the ones who were paying our source $100 for each illegal that he registered and got to vote. Again we only learned about the criminal scheme after Hillary’s campaign refused to pay these people for their illegal activities on behalf of her campaign. Had she succeeded in stealing the election with the help of these illegal alien voters we would have never known because they would have been fully paid off and kept their mouths shut, much like long-time Clinton associates such as Susan McDougall have for years.

How extensive was the fraud committed by the Hillary Clinton Campaign?

According to our protected source, Hillary had at least 3-5 million illegal aliens who voted for her in the last election. This enabled her to steal the Democratic Primary from Bernie Sanders and almost the general election from Donald Trump. Again this is not a partisan issue, it seems to be more of a political elite vs. political outsider issue as it is revealed on our video that Obama himself engaged in voter fraud in the 2012 election with the same duo that ran the Nevada Clinton Campaign, the above mentioned Emmy Ruiz and Jorge Ruiz. We surmise that they did such a good job of stealing the Nevada election in 2012 for Obama from Mitt Romney that Hillary hired them to the same thing for her and help steal Nevada from Trump in 2016 general election.

What is’s plans for the future?

We are dedicated to investigating and exposing Voter Fraud when ever and where ever it occurs. We are currently investigating massive voter fraud again by the Hillary Clinton Campaign in Michigan during the general election and we should have another undercover video out shortly by another disgruntled former Clinton Staffer who we have found that was not paid for their illegal activities and is now co-operating with to expose Hillary’s crooked dealings during the General Election of 2016 in the great state of Michigan.

What do you want to say to the public that is now discovering your web-site?

Please help us in our ongoing crusade to eliminate Voter Fraud in future elections. If you have any information about voter fraud please contact us immediately and we will help expose the fraud while keeping you safe as we have done with this brave individual who gave us the video you have watched. Voter fraud is indeed real and a huge problem and only with the help of an engaged and outraged public will we solve this problem. Please join us in our campaign as we shout to the country We’re as mad as Hell about Voter Fraud and we are not going to take it anymore. Please support non-partisan laws that require valid ID and proof of American Citienship to vote. If we have to have a valid ID to fly and to apply for governmental benefits, it seems the only right thing to do is to demand that our most sacred right to vote require the same sort of ID’s. Don’t forget if we cheapen the right to vote, one day we may discover that we have lost our right to vote completely. Only through totally fair elections can we stop the sort of tyranny from power-mad individuals who would lie, cheat and steal to be elected. That my friends is the only way to ensure that our great Country stays as free as we all want it be. God bless you my fellow citizens, and god bless a voter fraud free America.